François Weigel
pianist, composer, conductor

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BACH Johann-Sebastian (1685-1750)

Toccata and Fugue YouTube
French Suite No.2 YouTube
Aria YouTube
Mass in B minor (Conference) YouTube

BARTÓK Béla (1881-1925)

Sonata for Violin & Piano No.1 YouTube

BEETHOVEN Ludwig (1770-1827)

Sonata Appassionata YouTube

BERSTEIN Leonard (1918-1990)

West Side Story YouTube

BRAHMS Johannes (1833-1897)

Concerto No.1 YouTube
Sonata for Viola & Piano YouTube
Hungarian Dance No.1 YouTube
Hungarian Dance No.2 YouTube
Hungarian Dance No.4 YouTube

BUSONI Ferruccio (1866-1924)

Carmen Fantasy YouTube

CHOPIN Frédéric (1810-1849)

Concerto No.2 YouTube
Andante spianato YouTube
Grande Polonaise Brillante YouTube
Complete Studies YouTube
Complete Waltzes YouTube
Waltz No.3 YouTube
Waltz No.5 YouTube
Waltz No.7 YouTube
Waltz No.9 YouTube
Nocturne YouTube

CHOSTAKOVITCH Dmitri (1906-1975)
Two Preludes YouTube

DAVID Félicien (1810-1876)
Mélodies Orientales YouTube

DEBUSSY Claude (1862-1918)
Suite pour le Piano YouTube
Epigraphes Antiques YouTube
Clair de Lune - Choir YouTube
Passepied - Choir YouTube

DVOŘÁK Antonín (1841-1904)
Slavonic Dance YouTube

FATS WALLER (1904-1943)
Handful of Keys  YouTube
Numb Fumblin'   YouTube
Valentine Stomp  YouTube
Smashing Thirds YouTube

FAURE Gabriel (1845-1924)
Pavane - Piano YouTube
Pavane - Choir YouTube

FRANCK César (1822-1890)
Trois Duos YouTube

GERSHWIN George (1898-1937)
Concerto - Orchestra YouTube
Concerto - Piano solo YouTube
Rhapsody in Blue YouTube
Preludes YouTube

GRIEG Edvard (1843-1907)
Aase's Death YouTube  

HAENDEL Georg Friedrich (1685-1759)
Suite No.4 - Choir YouTube
Hallelujah ! YouTube

HAYDN Joseph (1732-1809)
She never told her Love YouTube

HENZE Hans Werner (1926-2012)
Un Amour de Swann YouTube

IBERT Jacques (1890-1962)
Chansons de Don Quichotte YouTube

KHACHATURIAN Aram (1903-1978)
Waltz - Strings and Piano YouTube
Sabre Dance - Piano solo YouTube
Sabre Dance - Strings and Piano YouTube

LAZARE-LEVY (1882-1964)
Studies for Piano  YouTube

LISZT Franz (1811-1886)
Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Tunes YouTube
Totentanz YouTube
Malediction YouTube
Rákóczy March YouTube
Mephisto Waltz YouTube
Sonata in B minor  YouTube
Ballade No.2 in B minor YouTube
Sonetto del Petrarca YouTube
Nocturne YouTube
Un Sospiro YouTube
Auf dem Wasser zu singen YouTube
Paraphrase of Ernani YouTube
Paraphrase of Rigoletto YouTube
Paraphrase of Trovatore YouTube
Il Tremolo YouTube
Ottave YouTube
La Campanella YouTube
Arpeggio YouTube
La Caccia YouTube
Tema e Variazioni YouTube
Complete Hungarian Rhapsodies YouTube)
Hungarian Rhapsody No.02 YouTube
Hungarian Rhapsody No.15 YouTube
Nocturne - Choir YouTube  

MARQUEZ Arturo (1950)
Danzón ►YouTube

MARTIN Franck (1890-1974)
Preludes YouTube

MASSENET Jules (1842-1912)
Concerto YouTube
Elégie - Choir YouTube

MENDELSSOHN Félix (1809-1847)
Scherzo YouTube

MESSIAEN Olivier (1908-1992)
Turangalîla Symphonie YouTube
Jardin du sommeil d'amour YouTube
Regard de l'Esprit de joie YouTube 
Le Baiser de l'Enfant Jésus YouTube

MILHAUD Darius (1892-1974)
Sonata for Viola & PianoYouTube

MOUSSORGSKY Modeste (1839-1881)
Pictures at an Exhibition YouTube

MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
Concerto "Jeunehomme" YouTube
Concerto KV 414 YouTube
Adagio YouTube
Piano Quartet KV 478 YouTube
Sonata KV 457 YouTube
Fantasia KV 475 YouTube

PAULET Vincent (1962)

Sur un Nuage YouTube

POULENC Francis (1899-1963)
Tel jour, Telle nuit YouTube
Les Chemins de l'Amour YouTube

RACHMANINOV Sergueï (1873-1943)
Concerto No.2 ►YouTube
Etude op.33 n°2 ►YouTube
Etude op.39 n°5 ►YouTube
Corelli Variations ►YouTube
Moment musical No.3 ►YouTube
Moment musical No.4 ►YouTube
Vocalise ►YouTube

RAMEAU Jean-Philippe (1683-1764)
Les Tendres Plaintes ►YouTube
Menuets ►YouTube

RAVEL Maurice (1875-1937)
La Valse ►YouTube
Gaspard de la Nuit ►YouTube
Oiseaux tristes ►YouTube
Tzigane ►YouTube

SAINT-SAËNS Camille (1835-1921)
Concerto for Piano & Orchestra No.5 ►YouTube
Caprice arabe ►YouTube
Sonata for Violin & Piano No.1 ►YouTube

SCARLATTI Domenico (1685-1757)
Sonata K.015 in E minor ►YouTube 
Sonata K.125 in G major ►YouTube
Sonata K.126 in C minor ►YouTube 
Sonata K.146 in G major ►YouTube
Sonata k.159 in C major ►YouTube
Sonata K.514 in C major ►YouTube

SCHMITT Florent (1870-1958)
Reflets d'Allemagne ►YouTube

SCHUBERT Franz (1797-1828)
Adagio and Rondo Concertant ►YouTube
Auf dem Wasser D.774 ►YouTube
Erlkönig D.328 ►YouTube
Ständchen D.957 ►YouTube

SCHUMANN Robert (1810-1856)
Märchenbilder ►YouTube
Symphonische Etüden ►YouTube

SIBELIUS Jean (1865-1957)
Sad Waltz ►YouTube

STRAUSS Johann (1825-1899)
Die Fledermaus Overture - Piano ►YouTube
Die Fledermaus Overture - Strings and Piano ►YouTube

STRAVINSKY Igor (1882-1971)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (Capriccio) ►YouTube
Suite italienne ►YouTube
Ragtime ►YouTube

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Ralph (1872-1958)
Silent Noon ►YouTube
On Wenlock Edge ►YouTube

VERDI Giuseppe (1813-1901)
Va pensiero ►YouTube

VIVALDI Antonio (1678-1741)
Gloria - Piano solo ►YouTube
L'Estate - Strings and Piano ►YouTube
L'Estate, L'Autunno, L'Inverno - Choir ►YouTube

WEIGEL - Transcriptions :
BACH : Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565 - for Piano solo ►YouTube
BERNSTEIN : Mambo (West Side Story) - for Junior Choir and Orchestra ►YouTube
BERNSTEIN : West Side Story - for Piano ►YouTube
BIZET : Carmen Suite - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
BENZI : Papillon - for Women's voices ►YouTube
BERNSTEIN : West Side Story - for Piano ►YouTube
BERNSTEIN : Mambo (West Side Story) - for Junior Choir and Orchestra ►YouTube
BRAHMS : Hungarian Dance No.1 in G minor - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
BRAHMS : Hungarian Dance No.2 in D minor - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
BRAHMS : Hungarian Dance No.4 in F sharp minor - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
CABRAL : La Foule (Edith Piaf) - for Junior Choir and Orchestra ►YouTube
CHOPIN : Nocturne in C sharp minor - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
CHOSTAKOVITCH : Second Waltz (Suite No.2) - for Junior Choir and Orchestra - Text by Weigel ►YouTube
COPLAND : Fanfare for the Common Man - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
DEBUSSY : Clair de lune (Suite Bergamasque - text from Paul Valéry) - for Women's voices ►YouTube
DEBUSSY : Passepied (Suite Bergamasque - text from François Weigel) - for Women's voices ►YouTube
DVORACK : Slavonic Dance op.72/2 - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
ELGAR : Enigma Variation No.IV (Nimrod) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
ELGAR : Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
FALLA : Pantomime (El Amor Brujo) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
FALLA : Spanish Dance (La Vida Breve) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
FALLA : Ritual Fire Dance (El Amor Brujo) - for Junior Choir and Orchestra ►YouTube
FAURE : Cantique de Jean Racine op.11 - for Women's voices ►YouTube
FAURE : Pavane op.50 - for Piano solo ►YouTube
FAURE : Pavane op.50 - for Women's voices ►YouTube
GERSHWIN : Concerto in F - for Piano solo ►YouTube
HAHN : A Chloris - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
HAENDEL : Suite No.4 in D minor (text from Zacharie) - for Junior Choir and Orchestra ►YouTube
HAENDEL : Hallelujah ! - for students Choir and Orchestra ►YouTube
KHACHATURIAN : Nocturne (Mascarade) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
KHACHATURIAN : Waltz (Mascarade) - for Piano and strings ►YouTube
KHACHATURIAN : Waltz (Mascarade) - for Junior Choir and Orchestra (text from Weigel) ►YouTube
KHACHATURIAN : Sabre Dance (Gayaneh) - for Piano solo ►YouTube
KHACHATURIAN : Sabre Dance (Gayaneh) - for Junior Choir and Orchestra (text from Weigel) ►YouTube
KHACHATURIAN : Sabre Dance (Gayaneh) - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
LISZT : Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Tunes - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
LISZT : Nocturne - for Choir ans Piano ►YouTube
LISZT : Rákóczy March - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
LISZT : Rákóczi March - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
LISZT : Totentanz - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
MARLY : Le Chant des Partisans ►YouTube
MARQUEZ : Danzón- transcription Weigel for Junior Choir and Orchestra (text by Frida Kahlo)
MASSENET : Elégie - for women's voices ►YouTube
MOZART : Adagio (Flute Quartet KV 285) - for Piano solo ►YouTube
PIAF (Glanzberg) : Padam... Padam... - for Junior Choir and Orchestra ►YouTube
PRIMA : Sing, Sing, Sing - for Junior Choir and Orchestra ►YouTube
RACHMANINOV : Prelude I (op.3 n°2) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
RACHMANINOV : Prelude VI (op.23 n°5) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
RACHMANINOV : Vocalise - for Piano solo ►YouTube
RACHMANINOV : Vocalise - for Women's voices ►YouTube
RAVEL : Alborada del Gracioso (Miroirs) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
RAVEL : Oiseaux Tristes (Miroirs) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
ROSSINI : La Gazza Ladra (Overture) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
ROUGET DE LISLE : La Marseillaise (3 women's parts) ►YouTube
SCHUBERT : Auf dem Wasser D.774 - French translation by Weigel ►YouTube
SCHUBERT : Erlkönig D.328 - French translation by Weigel ►YouTube
SCHUBERT : Ständchen D.957  - French translation by Weigel ►YouTube
SIBELIUS : Sad Waltz (Kuolema) - for Piano ►YouTube
STRAUSS : Fledermaus Overture - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
STRAUSS : Fledermauss Overture - for Piano solo ►YouTube
TCHAÏKOVSKY : Concerto No.1 (Andantino) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
TCHAÏKOVSKY : Concerto No.1 (Allegro) - for Junior Orchestra ►YouTube
VIVALDI : Gloria in D major - RV 589 - for Piano solo ►YouTube
VIVALDI : L'Estate for Strings & Piano - for Strings and Piano ►YouTube
VIVALDI : L'Estate, L'Autunno, L'Inverno - for Junior Choir and Orchestra (text from Weigel) ►YouTube

WEIGEL François (1964)
Je vous salue ma France (Aragon) - 2015 for Women's voices ►YouTube
Improvisation (Evian Festival - 2012) ►YouTube
Le Ruban rouge (Agnès Mariani - 2012) ►YouTube
The Cradle will fall (Lullaby dedicated to Lionel Fedrigo - 2011) ►YouTube
Nocturne for Orchestra and Bells (dedicated to Anne Lorraine Scmitt - 2010) ►YouTube
La Grande Ivresse (Paul Fort) - (dedicated to Hervé Corre - 2009) ►YouTube
Improvisation (Paris Salle Gaveau - 2008) ►YouTube
Ô Marie, Vierge de Midi (Angelus d'après Paul Claudel - 2020) ► YouTube
Improvisation (France Musique - 2007) ►YouTube
Valse Capricieuse for Piano solo (dedicated to Tina Weigel - 1981)

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